Sunday, March 3, 2019

How much have we raised since 2006 - more than we thought....

Since 2006 the charity proceeds from Cyril Stringer Snooker Cup has amounted to an amazing €38,825.

Thank you for your generosity !

From our partners

Here are the acknowledgments from our charity partners:

Cyril Stringer Snooker Cup 2019
Well done to the 17 teams who played this year this year for charity.
Greystones Cancer Support and the Wicklow Hospice Foundation each received €2,200.

This special snooker competition,  in memory of Cyril Stringer,  was first started in 2006.
2019  marks its 13th year of play.
Many of the original participants from 2006 are still playing.
Lots of new snooker players have joined this annual event held in Newcastle,  Co. Wicklow.
Keith Stringer and Gerry Reynolds are the chief organisers,  backed by a wonderful support team.

Well done to this year’s winners,  Dave Dunne and Shane Reilly.
All the 2019 players displayed a high level of sportsmanship and skill.

Sonia Walsh,  Chairman of Greystones Cancer Support says:
Thank you so much to the people of Newcastle who organised this year’s tournament.
Newcastle is a wonderful community which always supports people in need.
Special thanks to the players whose efforts will allow GCS to improve its services.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cyril Stringer Snooker Cup 2019 - Charity Partners

Our 2019 charity partners are Greystones Cancer Support and Wicklow Hospice. Across our 17 Groups a total of €4,400 was raised with €2,200 for GCS and €2,200 also for Hospice. and

2019 is the 13th playing of our tournament and we still have many player from that first time in 2006 and, of course, lots of new faces too.

Thank you sincerely for your generosity, it is much appreciated. Thanks also to our Group captains who staged 17 Groups on our behalf and thanks to the players who displayed high levels of sportsmanship and skill. Special thanks to Colin Watchorn and Michael Carey who provided facilities for the second round pools.

We hope to see you again next year.

Keith and Gerry.

2019 Final Night at Leabeg

Our final was held at Keith Stringer's in Leabeg on Friday 15th February.

Due to issues with unavailability of players, some members of the original Groups deputised on the night.

After an exciting night of snooker, the team from Group 16 won out with Shane Reilly and Dave Dunne. Dave was deputising for Noel Golden who was unavailable on the night. Our runners up were Ciaran Martin and Tom McDonald from Group 10.

We presented the Cyril Stringer Snooker Cup 2019 to our winners and congrats to both.
                                 Trevor Phillips one of our referees
                              Tom McDonald and Ciaran Martin
                       Niall Ferns between frames
                   James O'Sullivan and Declan McCarthy

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Cyril Stringer Snooker Cup - The Final 2019

Our final this year will take place in Leabeg with an 8pm start. We will follow our "Round Robin" format with the four qualified pairs.

Ciaran Martin & Tom McDonald
Niall Ferns & John Duff
Noel Golden & Shane Reilly
Brian Quigley & James O'Sullivan

Everyone is welcome to attend the final and hope to see you there for at least part of the evening.

And finally Pool D....

Pool D was played at Beechbrook on Wednesday 13th February and featured 4 pairs. Group 2 was represented by Dave Lynch and Gerry Reynolds, Group 9 by Brian Quigley and James O'sullivan, Group 12 by Tommy Waldron and Dermot Boylan and Group 13 by Michael Carey and John Condell (deputising).

After a good night of snooker with many examples of fine play, it was Brian Quigley and James O'Sullivan who triumphed. Brian and James are the last pair to complete Friday's Final Pool.

Congratulations to both and many thanks to Colin Watchorn for the use of his snooker room.

Keith Stringer keeps a close eye

Michael Carey with John Condell

Qualifiers Brian Quigley and James O'Sullivan

Pool C at The Rookery

Pool C played off at The Rookery on Tuesday 12th Feb. Group 6 was represented by Andrew Flood and Angus Stringer, Group 14 by Ben Doyle and Ronan Molloy, Group 16 by Shane Reilly and Noel Golden and Group 17's reps were Declan Sillery and Brendan Brady.

After another long night Shane Reilly & Noel Golden prevailed and become the third pair to qualify for Friday's Final Pool.

Congrats to both and thanks again to Michael Carey for the use of the hall.

Noel Golden and Shane Reilly

Ben Doyle and Ronan Molloy

Angus Stringer and Andrew Flood

Brendan Brady and Declan Sillery